Apr 02

DocumentsTalk.com, is a new Cold War Web site compiled by Dr. Svetlana A. Chervonnaya, a prominent Russian researcher well known for her in-depth analysis of Soviet era files.

In an introductory paragraph, Dr. Chervonnaya describes DocumentsTalk this way:

“This website looks beyond the American post-Cold War consensus about controversial early Cold War spy cases. It returns to basics, re-examining the documentary evidence. No definitive proof of guilt or innocence here; what you will find instead is careful documentary cross-checking of all the available evidence, to help you to judge for yourself whether these cases should still be considered ‘closed’ in the face of many discrepancies.”

Those who who visit algerhiss.com will find the insights she gained from a meticulous reinvestigation of the Alger Hiss’s handwritten notes – often said to be the “most damning” evidence in the Hiss Case – particularly rewarding.

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